"Lifer" --Starship Troopers meets Catch 22!

A group of Army Special Forces grunts unwittingly sign themselves up for 5000 year tours. Chock full of guns, clones, swearing and tough GIs killing scads of ugly aliens! Oh, and there's hot alien chicks. Option it Now! Ask me how!

Pitch Artwork from the incomparable Steve Pugh featuring a few of the phases of life our hero, MIKE LONE, goes through as he marches through time heading for his Honorable Discharge.

  United States Special Forces Staff Sergeant MIKE LONE in 2009 A.D.
Murrka™ Corporation Crowd Control Officer Sgt. Mike Lone in 2020 A.D.  
  Mankind Global Defense Sgt. Mike Lone in 2800 A.D.

Bio-Warrior LONE in 3700 A.D



American Cross
DV-8: The Failed Pitch
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