HEY KIDS! Giant Olmec Heads!

In 1862, while drilling for oil in the modern Mexican state of Tabasco, a startling discovery was made. Buried beneath the jungle floor was a Colossal Stone head! Exhibiting negroid features, the head fell into none of the artistic styles of the known civilizations of Mexico. Years later in 1942, Archeologist Matthew Stirling was intrigued by this Colossal Head and began excavations at the nearby ancient city of La Venta.

What Stirling discovered shocked the world. He found evidence of an ancient civilization, one that pre-dated the mighty Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations! The Olmecs are now considered the "mother-culture" of Mexico. Here, for the first time on the entire Internet, are all 17 heads discovered thus far.



Want a head? Click a head. Have a head? Leave a head.

Remember, Olmec Heads are NOT a toy, small children should NOT be allowed to roll around their Olmec Heads without adult supervision.

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